Welcome, Ambassadors! Here you'll find everything you need to spread the word about GTM to your network.

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We've put together some suggested copy that you can use in an email to send to industry connections—both travel advisors and suppliers. Just click to download these documents and copy/paste what you need into your emails. Easy AND effective!

Suggested Copy -  Travel Advisor Referral Email

Suggested Copy - Supplier Referral Email

Facebook Post - Suggested Copy & Images

Post one of these images on your Facebook page or in an industry Facebook group to share your good news and encourage other travel advisors to apply. It can work on all your social media platforms. If your clients happen to see your good news they'll admire your success, too!

"I've been accepted to attend GTM West, the industry's premier networking event, in Lake Las Vegas from May 9-11. If you're looking to grow your business and make valuable industry connections, you should apply today. Join me! Learn more here: http://www.gtmwest.com/"

"I've been accepted to attend GTM, the industry's premier networking event, in Fort Lauderdale from July 26-28. If you're looking to grow your business and make valuable industry connections you should apply today. Join me! Learn more here:  http://www.gtmflagship.com/home/"

Click the image to download and share to all your social media networks!

GTM Ambassador Press release Template

Use this press release template to share your exciting news with your clients!  Customize it and then share it on social media and submit it to your local papers.  Wear your Ambassador status proudly!

Click HERE to download the Word Doc.

GTM Video Page

Three videos detailing the main aspects of GTM: Boardrooms, Appointments, and Networking. We created these 3 short videos to help bring the 3 pillars of GTM to life.  So, feel free to share this page when your industry colleagues and friends ask you about GTM.

GTM Ambassador Button

Show your pride! You were chosen from among hundreds of applicants—we think your friends and clients should know that.  Add this to your email signature, post it on social media and put it on your website.  Share away!