Testimonials & Success stories

At GTM Our travel advisors Mean Business

GTM and GTM West advisors have one thing in common – they are a dynamic, entrepreneurial group of sellers who take tremendous pride in their growing business and loyal customer base. They book a minimum of $1 million annually and make decisions on travel products and services. We received hundreds of success stories & testimonials from past GTM participants, below is just a taste of what you can expect from our attendees.

Success stories

One of our GTM attendees booked two clients on a 22-day private jet trip around the world. They visited eight countries, stayed in all 5-star accommodations and paid almost $200,000. 

After selling out their chartered river cruise, an agency owner chartered the next sailing as well. Both charters sold out, plus 80 passengers went on to book a post land package.

Looking for something truly unique to offer her clients prior to their 12-day luxury cruise, this GTM travel professional booked them into a secluded cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey - at a total package price of over $35,000.

Building customer loyalty is the goal of every travel professional. One GTM agent has booked several trips for one of her clients over the years – the most recent being a 3-week VIP trip through India for a total price of over $75,000!


"The right place at the right time with the right people. That's the best sentence I can use to describe GTM – it's like a gigantic think tank with enthusiastic agents that really, genuinely want to learn. They are open to new ideas, new thoughts on how to expand their business which works for us since we represent such an eclectic portfolio of global clients. It is fantastic to know that everyone there is vetted, with strong track records and a high level of enthusiasm. Wonderful show!"
Gabriella Truman, Trumarketing

"GTM is a very well-run event that stays focused on introducing quality advisors to quality suppliers. Since it elevates the game for both parties, it is a win-win."
Mark Hellman Regouby, Festival Pros


I found that I was paired with right fit agents for my brands - we both had a vested interest in the conversation and came away with starting a new relationship or discussing how to make the existing one even better!
Lisa Tinnerman, The Mark Travel Corporation

GTM provides suppliers one-on-one contact with high quality travel partners. It gives travel partners and suppliers the opportunity to select who they want to meet, making it a very customized experience. It’s a high-energy, well-organized event.
— Mary Lynch, Royal Caribbean International

"I really like the quality of the events, agents and venue.  It is an easy conference to attend and conduct business. GTM is the perfect size where you can work the room and get to most agents, even if you do not have an appointment with them."
Julia Swenda, GOGO Vacations

"I was particularly impressed by the general enthusiasm of the travel agents, their willingness to network and engage with the suppliers—whether it was in the elevator, during coach, at mealtimes, and especially during the appointments.  It felt as if we suppliers and travel agents were attending GTM with one common purpose: to promote travel and the ultimate travel experience."
Carmel Flynn, Ireland, Parknasilla Resort & Spa

"GTM is a top-notch event. The quality of the agents really is amazing. I truly felt like all were engaged and interested in my company and products."
Jennifer Briede, ARC


"My favorite part of GTM was the ability to book groups with great agents right on the spot. It's an immediate driver of business."
Ron Fenska, Fathom


"The level, quality, and access of travel advisers were amazing. As a supplier hotel representative, I can say it was an incredible networking affair. The most remarkable part of Global Travel Marketplace is all the people who make the world an experience with their knowledge of travel and enjoyment."
Anna Karas, Library Hotel Collection

"I liked the structure and informal nature of GTM. I thought it was intimate, manageable and productive. The advisers were enthusiastic and engaged and the staff was friendly and involved in every aspect. They were always available when you needed help."
Devra Glynn, Vail Resorts